Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brokers Compliance Group - Risk Management for Mortgage Brokers

I am pleased to announce the launch today of our new mortgage risk management support for mortgage brokers:* 
Brokers Compliance Group
For quite some time, I have believed that mortgage brokers are an under-served part of the residential mortgage loan industry. Yet, they originate traditionally the largest share of loan transactions.

In the last few years, mortgage brokers have had their integrity questioned and their professionalism pilloried. And there has been an unsettling perception that more regulation of mortgage brokers is required.

I feel that it is time for my firm to step up to the plate and provide the kind of advice and counsel that mortgage brokers must acquire, in order to remain strong and capable of forging their own destinies. Until today's launch of Brokers Compliance Group, there has been no mortgage risk management firm in the country devoted to the unique needs of mortgage brokers. Now there is!

Thus, the Directors of my firm and I have now made a commitment to provide to mortgage brokers the same reliable and supportive mortgage compliance expertise that we have provided to mortgage lenders.

The following are the Press Release and Brokers Compliance Group.

Press Release

* Jonathan Foxx is the President & Managing Director of Lenders Compliance Group